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Representation in Spain

General Power of Attorney:

is a legal document whereby a person gives another person the power to take decisions with regards to their affairs in the Kurdistan Region.
To produce a General Power of Attorney, you have to provide the following with your application:
If your name is different in Spain from your documents in Kurdistan, you must show your Iraqi ID. All documents for Kurdistan are valid with your name as it appears on your Iraqi identification (the name you are registered under in Kurdistan).

Specific power of Attorney:

is a legal document whereby a person gives another person the power to take decisions with regards to one specific affair.
Special power of attorney can be used for:
To produce a Specific Power of Attorney you must submit the following with your application:

Cancellation of Power of Attorney

All documents from Kurdistan and Spain can be authenticated at the KRG Spain Office.

In certain cases it is a must. Documents include:

Please note authenticating Iraqi documents will take one to two weeks from the day of submission to the KRG Spain team.
Branch Registration Procedure
Requirements for registering a branch office of a foreign company in the Kurdistan Region and documents/actions needed:
  1. completed application form;
  2. certificate of incorporation of foreign company registering branch office (“Parent Company”);
  3. articles of association/charter of Parent Company;
  4. power of attorney in favour of a Kurdistan Region lawyer to undertake registration procedures;
  5. certificate of incorporation of each corporate shareholder in Parent Company;
  6. articles of association/charter of each corporate shareholder in Parent Company;
  7. copy of passport of each individual shareholder in Parent Company;
  8. audited financial statements of Parent Company;
  9. letter from Parent Company authorising registration of the branch office;
  10. letter from Parent Company undertaking to assume liabilities of the branch office;
  11. lease of premises in t he Kurdistan Region;
  12. evidence of residency of proposed chief management official in the Kurdistan Region;
  13. appointment of statutory lawyer;
  14. appointment of statutory accountant
All documents submitted to the Companies Registry must be in Kurdish or Arabic or accompanied by a translation. Documents signed outside Iraq must be notarised and legalised at the nearest KRG Representation Office or Iraqi Embassy.
The following information is for students of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq who wish to have their Spanish degrees legalised in Spain for use in Kurdistan and Iraq.

For the legalisation process to be completed your documents must be certified by the Ministerio de Educación (Ministry of Education), Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y de Cooperación (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation), the Iraqi Embassy in Madrid, and finally, the Kurdistan Regional Government representation office in Madrid.

  1. To begin the legalisation process you must first have your original university degree certificate and results.
  2. The documents must then be translated from Spanish to English by a sworn translator.
  3. Once all the documents are ready, the Ministerio de Educación (Ministry of Education) must certify the documents in Madrid. This can be done on the same day, but it is advised that you call the Ministry beforehand to confirm this. You must contact the Qualifications Service of the Ministry at:
    C/ Paseo del Prado 28, Madrid.
    Tel:+34 91 5 06 56 00 ext. 65584
  4. The next step is to have the Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y Cooperación (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation) to certify your documents. You must apply for an appointment to visit the Ministry. Please do so by clicking here…
    If this link does not work search the Ministry’s website at: www.maec.es
    Take into account that you will have to wait a minimum of 14 days for an appointment. It is advised that you make your appointment online before coming to Madrid to visit both Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Education.
    On the day of the appointment you must go to the following address:
    C/ Juan de Mena 4, 28014 Madrid
    Tel: +34 91 379 16 10 or 91 379 17 00
  5. Once both Ministries have certified your documents you must then go to the Iraqi Embassy in Madrid to do the same. The Embassy will complete this process on the same day, but it is advised to contact them in advance.
    C/ Cañamar 1, 28043 Madrid
    Tel: +34 91 388 27 24 or +34 91 388 59 80
  6. The final step is to bring your documents to the Kurdistan Regional Government Office in Spain, where you will receive the representative’s signature and the KRG stamp.
    Please call to request an appointment.
    C/ Puerto de Santa Maria, 42, 28043, Madrid
    Tel: +34 9143 626 20
If you need more information, contact the Kurdistan Regional Government Representative in Madrid.

Residence card

Visitors wishing to extend their stay in the Kurdistan Region beyond a three month period must apply for a Card of Residence.

Below is a general outline of the requirements for obtaining a residency card for an extended stay in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq:

Pictures and blood tests are performed at the KRG Directorate of Residency offices. The fee is 36,000 Iraqi Dinars, and the process usually takes approximately 2-3 hours.
KRG Directorates of Residency in the Region:





For more information and more detailed instructions on the process, please contact the KRG Ministry of Interior directly. http://erbilresidency.com/

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