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The majority of the population in the Kurdistan Region is Sunni Muslim, mostly from the Shafi'i school. A significant portion of the Kurds in Iraq belong to the Shiie of Islam and are known as Fayli Kurds. There are also many communities of Christians from different Churches, such as Syrian Catholics, Syrian Orthodox, Assyrian Church of the East, Armenians, and Chaldean Catholics.

All these different beliefs coexist peacefully in the Kurdistan Region. In this coexistence everyone celebrates everyone's cultural and religious festivities, for example, Muslim Kurds celebrate Christmas with Christians, and Assyrians and Armenians Nawroz, the Kurdish New Year. The native religions of Kurdistan are Yazidism and Yarsanism, both of which have tens of thousands of followers; The followers of these religions are only Kurds. The Kaka'i religion is also practiced only in the Kurdistan region.

Traditionally, the majority of Muslim Kurds had adhered to one of the different Sufi orders that belong to the region. Like the Naqshbandi and the Qadiri. Even today, the majority of Kurds belong to these Sufi orders. Sufi Islam is considered one of the most liberal sects of Islam.


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