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Company Registration

Branch Registration Procedure

Requirements for registering a branch office of a foreign company in the Kurdistan Region and documents/actions needed:

  1. completed application form;
  2. certificate of incorporation of foreign company registering branch office (“Parent Company”);
  3. articles of association/charter of Parent Company;
  4. power of attorney in favour of a Kurdistan Region lawyer to undertake registration procedures;
  5. certificate of incorporation of each corporate shareholder in Parent Company;
  6. articles of association/charter of each corporate shareholder in Parent Company;
  7. copy of passport of each individual shareholder in Parent Company;
  8. audited financial statements of Parent Company;
  9. letter from Parent Company authorising registration of the branch office;
  10. letter from Parent Company undertaking to assume liabilities of the branch office;
  11. lease of premises in t he Kurdistan Region;
  12. evidence of residency of proposed chief management official in the Kurdistan Region;
  13. appointment of statutory lawyer;
  14. appointment of statutory accountant

All documents submitted to the Companies Registry must be in Kurdish or Arabic or accompanied by a translation. Documents signed outside Iraq must be notarised and legalised at the nearest KRG Representation Office or Iraqi Embassy.

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