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The Kurdistan Region of Iraq comprises of the entirety of the three Northern provinces of Iraq (Duhok, Erbil and Sulaimani ) and parts of the Kirkuk, Nineveh and Diyala provinces. It is worth noting that a large portion of what is considered historically Kurdistan is currently “disputed territories”. These areas include the cities of Kirkuk, Khanaqin and Sinjar in the Nineveh Province. Currently article 140 of Iraq’s permanent constitution outlines the roadmap for resolving the issue of disputed territories in accordance to the wishes of the inhabitants of those territories.
The constitution of Iraq authorizes the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to govern, protect and develop the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Under Iraq’s federal constitution, the KRG has considerable power to debate and legislate on a wide range of policy areas such as health, education and training, policing and security, the environment, natural resources, agriculture, housing, trade industry and investment, social services, roads and transport, tourism and historic monuments. The KRG also manages the economy to create the right macro-economic conditions and business environment for the private sector, human resources, and planning.
The Iraqi dinar is the currency used in Iraqi Kurdistan, although dollars and Euros are often also accepted.
Today there are two international airports operational in the Kurdistan Region. Erbil International Airport and Sulaimani International Airport service daily flights from all over the world, including nonstop flights from Vienna Austria, Stockholm, Istanbul, Amman Jordan, Beirut, Dubai and Bahrain. These are to name a few. To learn more about Traveling to Kurdistan please see…
Wireless and cell phone services exist throughout the Region. Both major cell phone carriers (Asiacell and Korek Telecom) provide roaming service, but it is best to check with you cell phone carrier for more information on roaming charges.
Extremely safe. Not one foreign civilian or military personal has been killed, wounded or harmed in violent or criminal activity since Operation Iraqi Freedom began in 2003. Kurdistan’s culture is famous for its hospitality towards foreigners, and the Region’s independent judicial system, coupled with the robust Kurdish security services, ensure a safe and stable Kurdistan.

Foreign companies have rushed to invest in the Kurdistan Region because of a progressive economic policy and growing transparency of government. Investment opportunities range from the Oil and Gas sector, light industry, energy, agricultural and service industries. To learn more about Investing in Kurdistanplease see…
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Until there is agreement on a national revenue sharing law, the KRG is entitled to 17% of the proceeds from the nation’s sale of oil. The Region has the authority to raise revenue through taxation.

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