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There are 11 public universities and several private universities operating in the Kurdistan Region. The four largest universities are: Salahaddin University in Erbil, Suleimani University, Dohuk University and Soran University. The universities of the region offer studies in different areas of knowledge, bachelor's degrees, master's degrees and doctorates (PhD).

Salahaddin University was established in 1968 in the city of Suleimani and moved to the city of Erbil in 1981. After the withdrawal of the Baath regime at the end of the Gulf War, in 1992, the Kurdistan Regional Government established the Sulaimani University and the Dohuk University.

Koya University, Soran University, and Hawler College of Medicine were founded later in 2000.

Four new public universities were established in the years 2010/2011: Halabja University, Raparin University in Ranya, Garmian University and Zakho University.

The University of Kurdistan – Hawler, opened in 2006, is publicly funded and teaching and exams are taught entirely in English.

The private university American University Iraq –Sulaimani also offers its curriculum entirely in English. It teaches an intensive English preparation program for future students of its degree programs.

Some of the private universities in the Kurdistan Region are: Cihan University, SABIS University, Tishik University, DijlahCollege, Lebanese French University, Hayat University, University of Human Development in Slemani, and Nawroz University in Duhok .

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