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Representation in Spain


Department of Political and Diplomatic Relations

The Political and Diplomatic Relations department is responsible for establishing and fostering relationships with the Spanish government, members of Parliament, political parties, governmental and non-governmental organizations and institutions in Spain.

It is directed directly by the KRG representative in Spain and is responsible for organizing high-level meetings between the governments of Spain and the Kurdistan Region.

This department is also responsible for communicating the purposes and objectives of the KRG to all political organizations, NGOs and the media, as well as publicizing the activities of the KRG Spain, both in Spain and abroad.

The mission of the department is to contribute to increasingly closer relations between Spain and the Kurdistan Region through dialogue and cooperation with various departments of the Spanish government and other important entities within Spain.

The department works constantly to organize official visits to Spain by political delegations from the Kurdistan Region and also encourages political delegations from Spain to visit the Kurdistan Region.

For more information contact: spain@gov.krd


Department of Education and Science

The education system in the Kurdistan Region, as in the rest of Iraq, has suffered, for decades, from neglect and mismanagement by the previous regime. There is now a great demand to improve the quality of education and research. The Kurdistan Regional Government is dedicating a lot of efforts and resources to develop the education and research system so that it can meet international standards. To this end, several initiatives have been developed.

The Kurdistan Regional Government has allocated $100 million for the Human Capacity Development Programme, the ambitious program that provides scholarships to Kurdish students to study their postgraduate studies abroad. The KRG estimates a total investment of about 3.4 billion (trillion) in education until 2020.

The Department of Education and Science is therefore in charge of analyzing the education and science sectors in Spain to establish links with both public and private education and research institutions. This department works to establish programs between universities in Spain and the Kurdistan Region, with the aim of offering students and researchers the possibility of coming and studying in Spain. It is also responsible for informing Spanish investors of investment opportunities in the education and research sectors within the Kurdistan Region.

Given the large number of scholarships awarded by the Kurdistan Regional Government to students to study postgraduate studies abroad, the department is responsible for providing support to Kurdish students who come to Spain to pursue a Master's or doctoral programme. In addition, the department maintains a relationship with Spanish academic institutions, both public and private, reporting on the state of the Kurdish educational system and its needs, to detect possible areas of exchange, in order to bring the Kurdish system to international standards.

The department is also responsible for facilitating the exchange of researchers and teachers between Spain and the Kurdistan Region and informing Spanish investors about investment opportunities in the education and research sectors in the region.


Department of Trade and Investment 

The KRG's trade and investment department, representation in Spain, is responsible for advising Spanish companies that wish to invest, or have already invested, in the Kurdistan Region, providing updated information on the region's market and general procedures. related to the establishment and operation of foreign business in the region.

Likewise, the department has the task of facilitating and preparing business delegations from Spain to the Kurdistan region. This covers, to a large extent, the organization of the agenda for SMEs, facilitating appropriate contacts and meetings with officials and private sector entities, depending on the needs of each company.

The trade and investment department also collaborates in creating a database of Spanish companies in priority sectors according to the region's strategic development plan. The department establishes and maintains relations with the Spanish Chambers of Commerce, government institutions, ministries and institutions responsible for the development of foreign trade, such as ICEX, (Spain Exportation and Investment) and the CEOE (Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations). These institutions are key to being able to provide Spanish companies with information about the region, and the department has managed to establish close and effective cooperation with them.

The communication and promotion of the investment opportunities that the Kurdistan Region offers, in various sectors, to Spanish companies is another key element of the trade and investment department. In order to promote the region as an emerging market, with many opportunities and areas of investment, the department is responsible for organizing presentations of economic interest to large audiences, since in Spain information about the Kurdistan region of Iraq and opportunities of business that exist there is quite scarce.

Furthermore, promoting business opportunities requires the department to convey the message of the very stable security situation in Kurdistan. THE fact that the rest of Iraq was the scene of many security problems during the liberation in 2003, causes many to consider the region as extremely dangerous, being a federal region within the state of Iraq. One of the department's responsibilities is to provide updated information to Spanish companies so that they feel secure about conducting their business in the region, since Kurdistan is an island of security and tranquility in the region.


Department of Art and Culture

The Department of Art and Culture has the task of developing initiatives to promote the art and culture of the Kurdistan region in Spain, facilitating cultural exchange and giving Spaniards the possibility of learning about the extraordinary and diverse ancient culture, heritage and the history of the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

Both the Kurdistan Region and Spain have rich and diverse cultures with centuries of tradition. From lively music and dance to extravagant and colorful festivals, Kurdistan and Spain have a lot in common.

The Department of Art and Culture has established cooperation with both the official bodies responsible for culture and with the cultural associations and centers of Spain, it has organized several art exhibitions for Kurdish artists as well as the participation of Kurdish music and dance groups in international festivals in Spain. In addition, it also facilitates the way for Spanish cultural and artistic organizations and groups to act and exhibit their creations in Kurdistan.


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