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Registration of Branches of Foreign Companies

Requirements for the registration of branches of foreign companies

The foreign company must be registered under the laws of the parent country and have successfully completed its first financial year. In addition, the financial situation of the company must be good.

Identification and documents required for the registration of branches of a foreign company in the Kurdistan Region
1. Unique personal number (UPN) for the authorized CEO - More information
2. Certificate of company registration
3. a certified copy of the articles of incorporation or internal procedures of the parent company or entity or anything else that replaces it, provided that it contains the names of the members of the board of directors who are authorised to sign on its behalf.
4. A certiA certified copy of the company's or organisation's financial statements together with the corresponding board of directors' reports to these accountants, including a detailed written copy.ied copy of the last final accounts of the company or establishment with the report of the board of directors attached to these accounts, which also includes a copy of the auditor's entry.
5. Prepared pledge alongside translate copy of the pledge in Arabic and English
6. All documents must be certified by the relevant authorities, the Embassy of Iraq or the representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government in the parent's country
7. National identity card and information card (if the branch manager holds Iraqi nationality)
8. Passport and residence card (if the branch manager holds foreign citizenship)

Registration fee for a foreign company.
1. (200,000) Two hundred thousand dinars, registration fee.
2. (50,000) Document verification fee of fifty thousand dinars.
3. (25,000) Examination fee of twenty-five thousand dinars.
4. (25,000) Publication fee of twenty-five thousand dinars.

5. The registration fee is collected at the end of the registration process in the company directorates of the provinces.


Other relevant parts you need to visit after registering a foreign company branch

After receiving registration permission, documents are required from these parties and authorities:

1. The union of lawyers for the appointment of a lawyer.
2. The union of accountants for the appointment of an accountant.
3. The corporate tax department manages the company's branch.
4. The social security directorate manages the company branch.
5. Ministry or relevant departments involved in the business activity of the company.

For more information and to be aware of any new changes regarding company registration in the Kurdistan Region, you can visit the following link.

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